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We will increase sales

in your company.

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Imagine how it would feel like if you increased your sales over the next several months.

If your advertising costs stayed the same or even dropped?

Would you feel reassured about your business? Would you pay yourself a bonus? Go on your dream vacation? Or maybe simply get a good night sleep and spend a carefree weekend with your family?

Now this fantasy can finally come true, you don’t have to tear your hair out as you listen to self-proclaimed marketing “gurus”, wondering how to implement their one- size-fits-all strategies.

We have tested our solutions in over 80 sectors. From FMCG to luxury goods.

From FMCG to luxury goods. From B2C products to niche B2B services. 

Each one of our clients has seen a significant ROI increase. We don’t use a cookie- cutter approach; we treat every client individually by looking at their business as if it were our own.

That’s why we always start our cooperation by getting to know each other and by thoroughly understanding your company.

We turn advertising into your revenue.

We don’t concentrate on clicks and traffic. We analyse

our operations from an ROI-focused perspective to make sure every euro spent yields three more in revenue.

01. We generate traffic

We supply your website with a steady inflow of highly engaged customers by using a mix of paid and organic marketing.

06. We listen to your needs

We do more than just run advertising campaigns. We provide full-service support to our clients.

05. We optimize processes

We analyse our operations and continuously improve them to make sure the advertising strategies are exceptionally well tailored to your company’s needs.

02. We optimize your conversion rate

We turn visitors into buyers by using advanced analytic and optimization techniques that multiply your sales!

03. We automatize operations

We implement marketing automation systems so that your website acquires valuable customers by itself, like a perpetuum mobile.

04. We bring back the undecided

We bring back website visitors who didn’t choose your offer through advanced remarketing strategies.

“Our goal was to increase the number of orders in our online store. After an in-depth analysis

performed by Infinity we decided that the best option was to overhaul the entire store. Once the changes were made, traffic on our website has increased by 153% and the costs… dropped.”


Wynajmij dział marketingu dla swojej firmy

Multiply your sales

Just in the last two years we’ve generated revenue worth over 300 mln PLN (~70 mln EUR) for our clients..

Now we can help your company as well.

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work with us?

At Infinity Horizon we understand how hard it is to run a business, especially when it comes to keeping up with changing trends in digital marketing. That’s why we do everything to ensure our clients are two or three times more effective than their competition.

We don’t focus only on generating valuable traffic to the website.

Your website can have hundreds of thousands of visitors, but if you don’t turn them into buyers

they are nothing more than fruitless visits.

If you’re paying to attract them, but you don’t see a return on your investment, it’s as if you were pouring your hard-earned money down the drain.

That’s why we devote a lot of time to thoroughly get to know you, your company and your customers.

We collect information from each touchpoint between your business and its customers. From salespersons to receptionists.

We want to understand precisely what your customers’ expectations are.

n this basis we craft powerful marketing strategies that will attract

hungry consumers to your business while also helping you save money.

But that’s not all. We make sure that you receive a steady, uninterrupted stream of new customers for as long

as we work together.

n short – you don’t have to worry about acquiring new clients and you have time for your hobby or to be with your loved ones.

We take care of the rest.

Our consultants have worked for, among others:

Publicis Groupe Polska
Polskie ePłatności




By clicking “Yes, I want to book a free strategic session” I confirm that I accept the Privacy Policy terms..